Berklee graduate, Bob Ferry is the author of "BOB FERRY‘S SUPERIMPOSITION OF FINGERINGS FOR GUITAR". His studies with the world famous guitar educator William G. Leavitt, a lifetime interest in the organization of guitar fingerings and years of hands on teaching and professional playing have led to the development of a new way of understanding fingerings.”

BOB FERRY’S SUPERIMPOSITION OF FINGERINGS FOR GUITAR gives the student an absolute understanding of the guitar. Music theory is addressed in a way that will take the mystery out of what you are playing and what everybody else is playing. You will be able to make informed choices and understand how and why your favorite players make their choices. Where do those notes come from? What scale is that? A comprehensive all inclusive concept allowing you to play any style from metal to jazz, country to rock and beyond.
Bob Ferry is available for private instruction. All levels are taught. All students are evaluated and a plan of instruction is personally designed.

ATTENTION GUITARISTS WITH AN INTEREST IN A MUSIC CAREER; Bob Ferry offers a special college preparatory course that has been proven to help students perform successful auditions and ace the music theory and reading placement tests enabling them to be accepted at the school of their choice. Study the art of the audition and perform with confidence at the college admission audition.

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Bob's students have and are attending Berklee College of Music, University of the Arts, Montclair State, Rutgers,G.I.T., Glassboro, Five Towns, University of Miami and others. For more information contact Bob here...

INTERVIEWS with Bob Ferry: Here are some enlightening instructional interviews...

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