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Review: Bob’s debut disc shows him as a nuanced and lyrical player, and as a leader that emphasizes tight organic interplay.  He leads the program masterfully on the up-tempo Never E Nough, flowing with ideas that he continues to explore, while always keeping the improvisation coherent and concise.  The elliptical pieces Country Cool, and Believe In Me bring to mind some of Ronny Jordan’s melodic compositions from his nineties work, with their warm and elegant feel.


Believe In Me suggests Bob as an economical musician.  An adventurous and emotional artist, it also relays his commitment and the mature music personality.


Tracklisting:  Country Cool; I_Eee; Believe In Me; Never E Nough; Lejos De Casa; My Ride; Bob B Bop; Way Finder; Take Shelter; Spirit Call.


Personnel:  Bob Ferry – Guitar; Bob Miller – Producer.

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